Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy-Honoris Causa) April 2016 from Dublin City University for her enormous contribution to the Arts and Culture in Ireland.

Herald Archangel Award 2014 - for RIVERRUN and outstanding contribution to the Edinburgh Festivals

The Stage Award for excellence in acting - for RIVERRUN at Edinburgh Festivals 2014

Irish Times Theatre Awards:

Special Tribute Award 2013 for outstanding achievement and contribution to Irish Theatre

Best Actress Nomination 2013 for her performance of riverrun (TheEmergencyRoom/Galway International Arts Festival/Cusack Projects Ltd)

Best Actress Award 2010 for her peformance of Sodome, my love (Rough Magic/TheEmergencyRoom)

Best Actress Nomination 2005 for her performance of Tamora in Titus Andronicus (Siren Productions)

Judges Special Award 2005 nomination forHere Lies (Operating Theatre)

Best Actress Nomination 1999 for Angel/Babel (Operatin Theatre)

Best Actress Nomination 1998 for her performance of Hester Swane in By the Bog of Cats (Abbey Theatre)

Samuel Beckett Award Dublin Theatre Festival 1998 for her performance of Hester Swane in By the Bog of Cats...

ESB/Harvey's Awards:
Nomination for her perofrmance of Salomé in Wilde's Salomé 1988 (Gate Theatre)
Nomination for her performance of The Diamond Body (Operating Theatre)