Some of the key artistic collaborations in the work of Olwen Fouéré

with MARINA CARR (playwright) :
Fouéré's work with Marina Carr has included the following:
1991: Ullaloo world premiere
1994/95: The Mai world premiere
1998: By the Bog of the Cats... world premiere
2007: Woman and Scarecrow irish premiere

with SELINA CARTMELL (director) :
2003: La Musica
2004: Passades
2005: Here Lies
2005: Titus Andronicus
2006: Catastrophe
2007: Woman and Scarecrow
2008: Macbeth

with JAMES COLEMAN (visual artist) :
James Coleman and Olwen Fouéré first worked together in 1980 and their collaborations have had a significant influence on Fouéré's work.
Work with James Coleman includes:
1980: So different... and yet
1981: Now and Then...
1982: Clara and Dario
1983: Ignotum per Ignotius
1984: Guaire

with CHRISTOPHER DOYLE (cinematographer) :
Here Lies in film...

with ROGER DOYLE (composer) :
began in 1977 and led to the creation of Operating Theatre.
Performances include:
1982: Ignotum per Ignotius written and directed by James Coleman
1983: Switch written by Philip Morgan
1984/87: The Diamond Body written by Aidan Mathews
1984: The Love of Don Perlimplin written by Lorca
1986: The Pentagonal Dream written by Sebastian Barry
1999: Angel/Babel
2001: Chair
2004: Passades
2005/06: Here Lies

with MICHAEL KEEGAN-DOLAN (choreographer and director) :
The Bull by Fabulous Beast (Dublin Theatre Festival 2005, Barbican BITE 2007, Berlin 2008)
Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring for the ENO at the London Coliseum,November 2009